Hanszen Initiative Committees

Initiative Committees

Imagine getting Hanszen funding to share your hobbies, interests, and passions with the college-- this is what Initiative Committees are! This committee system, started in 2014, allows Hannszenites to get involved doing the things they love most. Initiative committees have included things like arts and crafts, hacking, and brewing. Check out this year's Initiative Committees below, and feel free to get in touch if you want to get involved.
Otherwise, start thinking of your own ideas for an Initiative Committee (or check out some past Initiatives to bring back) and watch for applications in the spring!

2016-2017 Initiative Committees

Committee Name Description Committee Heads Email
Grilling & Outdoor The committee puts Hanszen's many grills to good use by providing fine meats on select Fridays
as well as cooking food for other Hansen outdoor events.
Nick Fleder
Trenton Alexander
Josh Morse
Hanszen Brewers This is a committee that will provide Hanszen with all of the joy and pleasure that comes with the
consumption of fine fermented beverages. Using only the highest quality ingredients, we will make
sure that Hanszen always has a reason to celebrate, and something to drink while they do.
Max Tolan
Jake Silberman
HEATS (Hanszen Eats) This committee plans (and sometimes subsidizes!) monthly adventures to interesting restaurants around
Houston, allowing bonding among Hanszenites and exploration of America's most diverse city over good food.
Liz Myong
Kathleen Snider
Valerie Du
HHH (Hungry, Hungry Hanszenites) The purpose of this committee is to unite Hanszenites in the joy that comes from baking and eating
freshly baked sweets and treats. Additionally, eating is a great stress reliever, and college students
are always stressed, so hopefully we’ll be able to relieve some of that!
Briana Singh
Monica Julian
Gillian Perkins
Rom Com-mittee The Rom Com-mittee will bring students together to laugh at themselves and contestants and to fall
in love with Are You The One/the Bachelor and their fellow Hanszenites. It will be a great time
for interclass bonding and will provide much-needed study breaks. We genuinely want this committee to
be a way for a seemingly silly guilty pleasure show to bring some Hanszenites together.
Andrea Machado
Ami Sheth
Taylor Williams
Culture Our committee aims to promote the appreciation of diversity and different cultures at Rice, thus
encourage more bonding among Hanszenites and across cultures.
Jessica Yu
Gabriela Barrios
Eva Lin
Steve Zhao
Richard He
Toby Li
Hackers This committee brings together a community of tech enthusiasts, inspiring Hanszenites to engage
in high-tech endeavors regardless of major! They will take on both hardware and software projects
and hold workshops for Hanszenites to learn the kinds of skills one needs to succeed in the
21st century
Avery Whitaker
Yi Fung
Tian Udomsak