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Bad and Bee Gees ft. Lil Harry Hansz

Jeremiah Murrell, Amber Song, Clay Musial, Ishani Desai

The Beatowls

Jared Nirenberg, Alicia McCormick, Akash Dhawan, Priyanka Narvekar

Boots with the Furbies

Dwight Fan, Elizabeth Anderson, Priya Niezgoda, Briana Farias

Chance the Flapper

Matthew Hays, Bharathi Selvan, Juliann Bi, Russell Kielawa

Dirty Danszen

Andrew Marshall, Megan Torti, Sonal Pai, Claire Peng

Do It For The Vinyl

Landon Mabe, Sonia Torres, Monica Julian, Abhijit Brahme

Guardians of the Groove

Q Tabarestani, Taylor Williams, Meera Devarajan, Tyler de Salazar

Hippies Don't Lie

Henry Lanear, Stephanie Tyler, Valerie Du, Shaian Mohammadian

Ninzendo 64

Troy Zimmermann, Ami Sheth, Noor Osmani, Alexander Hawley

Peanut Butter and Space Jam

James Chen, Abigail Tucker, Varsha Sathappan, Anthony Charletta

Raindrop MMMBop

Austin Cao, Catie Choi, Leya Mohsin, Jack Trouvé

Scooby Groovy Doo

David Yang, Annika Divakar, Elena Busch, Perry Goldstein