Hanszen Academic Fellows

Hey Hanszen! If you're ever having any trouble in any class, want someone to proofread your paper for free, or just want some help with homework/studying for tests, come visit your Hanszen Fellows! The Fellows are a group of freindly Hanszenites who hold review sessions, read papers, and help out with whatever academic needs you may have! We are also going to hold some great lectures, research events, and study breaks this year, so get excited!

Name Major(s) Area(s) of Expertise Email
Yuna Choi - Head Fellow Cognitive Science CHEM 121/122 yc66@
Lauren Williams - Head Fellow Sociology, Political Science SOCI 101, POLI 211, D2 Writing lew9@
Serena Brandler Cognitive Science, Psychology, Linguistics PSYC, LING 200, NEURO 380 smb13@
Samantha Cain Cognitive Sciences, Psychology, Linguistics PSYC, LING 200, NEUR 380 scc5@
Devon DeBalsi Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Math 211/212 dpd5@
Akash Dhawan Bioengineering PHYS 101/102 ask3@
Valerie Du Chemistry CHEM 211/212 vxd1@
Dwight Fan Biochemistry and Cell Biology, English D1 Writing dhf1@
Takanori Iiada Bioengineering BIOE/CAAM 210 ti4@
Courtney Klashman English, Computational and Applied Mathematics CAAM 335/336 cek3@
Nikolas Liebster Physics PHYS 101/102 ndl1@
Joseph McGlone Art History D1 Writing jtm6@
Anirudh (Rick) Mukhopadhyay Chemistry, Biochemistry and Cell Biology CHEM 211/212 am107@
Karen Qi Cognitive Sciences CHEM 121/122 kq5@
Kathleen Snider Economics, Managerial Studies ECON kes14@
Amber Song Biological Sciences D3 Writing/Research ys31@
Napas Udomsak Computer Sience COMP/ELEC nu4@
Avery Whitaker Computer Science, Mathematics COMP/MATH ajw6@
Jessica Yu Computer Science COMP 140, COMP 182, MATH 212 cjy1@
Tian (Rayne) Yu Mathematical Economic Analysis, Statistics STAT 280/310 ty15@
Brenda Zhou Biochemistry and Cell Biology BIOC 211/301 bz13@