Hanszen Peer Academic Advisors

The Peer Academic Advisors (PAAs) consist of your fellow Hanszenites who have been trained by the Office of Academic Advising (OAA) to help you choose classes, clarify academic rules and regulations, assist in finding research opportunities and study abroad information, and anything else academically related. In addition, the PAAs also facilitate a number of academic events at Hanszen, usually in the form of academic planning sessions, where Hanszenites come together and help each other choose classes for the next term. During O-Week, four Hanszen PAAs will be present to help the incoming students narrow down which courses they want to take and create their fall schedule. Once the school year starts, about twenty Hanszen PAAs will be available to answer questions about deadlines, registration, rules, and any other academic questions. They really are here to help you, so if you have any questions or just need solid academic advice, feel free to knock on their doors or send them an email. If they can't find an answer for you, they'll find someone who can.

Head PAAs:

Name Major(s)/Minor(s) Year Email
Serena Brandler Cognitive Sciences,Linguistics, Psychology, Neuroscience, pre-Graduate 2018 smb13@
Marissa Levy Electrical Engineering, Business minor 2017 mbl4@
Tahir Malik Bioengineering, Global Health Technologies, Pre-Med 2017 thm3@

O-Week PAAs:

Name Major(s)/Minor(s) Year Email
Meera Devarajan Cognitive Sciences, Global Health Technologies minor, Pre-Med 2018 md31@
Maggie Webb Mechanical Engineering, Material Science 2019 mew6@
Tahir Malik Bioengineering, Global Health Technologies, Pre-Med 2017 thm3@
Peter Yun Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Sociology, Pre-Med 2017 psy2@

Year-long PAAs:

Name Major(s)/Minor(s) Year Email
Elizabeth Anderson Linguistics, Cognitive Science 2018 eja4@
Rachel Buissereth Environmental Science, Theatre, Pre-Graduate 2017 rtb3@
Akash Dhawan Bioengineering, Pre-Med 2019 asd3@
Valerie Du Chemistry, Biochemistry minor, Pre-Med 2019 vxd1@
Lauren Heller Mathematical Economic Analysis, Financial Computation and Modeling, Business minor, Pre-Business 2018 lmh7@
Gillian Mellor Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 2019 grm5@
Sonal Pai Bioengineering 2019 sp48@
Abigail Panitz History, Pre-Business 2019 aep4@
Amber Song Biological Sciences, Pre-Med 2018 ys31@
Keshav Rao Bioengineering, Pre-Med 2018 kgr1@
Jack Toups Kinesiology, Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Pre-Med 2018 jdt6@
Jessica Yu Computer Science, Mathematics 2018 cjy1@