Hanszen Spaces

Hanszen Old Section

Old Section

This section is so named because it was the original part of Hanszen before the college was expanded in the late '50s to add "New" Section. Old Section contains a variety of rooms from singles to quads, but it has primarily doubles, with community bathrooms. The first floor is also the home of Alan and Rebecca Russell, two of our Resident Associates. Both the second and third floor boast interior hallways where the majority of old section rooms can be found. If you keep going up to the fourth floor, you'll find a section called the Weenie Loft, which houses both a TV/movie room and a study room. Old section also has a "tower," (part of the building goes up to five stories), with an attached sundeck.

Hanszen New Section

New Section

New Section stands across the quad from Old Section, and consists primarily of quad rooms that contain a common room and suite-style bathrooms. Rooms in New Section are generally identified by the stairwell that they are a part of: '40s '50s, '60s, the tower ('70s), '80s, and '90s. At the bottom of the tower, you'll find the Hanszen laundry rooms. Underneath the '50s and '60s is the B&P, which is the Hanszen basement. The '80s and '90s, collectively known as the 'burbs (short for suburbs), have a separate quad with a deck and grills.

Hanszen Commons, as seen from our quad


The Hanszen Commons consists of the two parts: the lower and upper commons. The Lower Commons is your entrance to the servery, where you can find Joyce's office, and home to a multitude of tables so that you can eat meals, catch up, debate whatever's on your mind, and/or joke with your fellow Hanszenites. It's here that Hanszenites will make announcements about events around the prime meal times. The Lower Commons even has a grand piano for your mealtime serenading desires, or for plinking out "Row Row Row Your Boat" late at night when you think no one's listening.

The Upper Commons consists of a large open area with couches and numerous smaller rooms. You'll probably visit the open area at least once a week for Hanszen Cabinet meetings. Also in the Upper Commons a game room with pool and ping pong tables, several nice study rooms, a music room, and Hanszen's own library.