Hanszen Living Spaces

All Hanszen rooms come with a bed, a desk and chair, a built-in or standing wardrobe, a dresser, bookshelves, ethernet ports, trash cans, and TV cable jacks

Old Section Doubles

The Old Section Double is what most people imagine when they think of a stereotypical “college room.” Depending on how much stuff the two people inside it have, doubles can range from spacious to cozy, but don’t worry: there is plenty of space for the creative mind.

Old Section Quads

An Old Section Quad is basically two doubles with a door connecting them. Some Hanszenites choose to put two beds in each room, while others put all four beds in the inner room and treat the outer room as a common space.

New Section Quads

New Section Quads are two doubles that share a common room. New Section Quads share a bathroom with their neighboring quad.

**Hanszen also has singles, triples, and two 5-person suites, but these are more rare than the above room types**