Hanszen Social and Entertainment Spaces

Hanszen's B&P (Breadsticks & Pomegranates) before a concert night!

Hanszen loves hanging out and having a great time, and our spaces reflect that. Here are some of our most fun areas:

  1. B&P (Breadsticks and Pomegranates)—This room in the New Section basement is a hot spot for parties, concerts, and social gatherings of all sorts.
  2. Sundecks—Two sundecks, on the 5th floors of New Section and Old Section, offer a great view of the campus and the surrounding city, and are increasingly a hub for social activities at Hanszen
  3. Movie Room—In the 4th floor of Old Section, Hanszen’s recently renovated movie room has reclining couches, great for napping, as well as a giant TV and a WiiU
  4. Music Room—Hanszen’s Upper Commons music room is the place to be for practicing the piano or rehearsing with your band
  5. Kitchen—Hanszen has a kitchen in the Lower Commons, perfect for baking late night cookies or dinner on Saturday Nights