Hanszen Study Spaces

Study Spaces

As much fun as we like to have at Hanszen, we acknowledge that the reason we are at Rice is to learn, so we have a plethora of studying spaces, here ordered from the most isolated to the most social.

  1. Weenie Loft—Located in the 4th floor of Old Section, Hanszen’s eclectic attic has tables, couches, and chalk board walls that are sure to help you work hard
  2. Computer Room—Also in the Upper Commons, our computer room contains state-of-the art PC and Mac computers, as well as a Rice printer (6 cents per page)
  3. Library—Located in the Upper Commons, Hanszen’s library has books galore and ample natural lighting
  4. Upper Commons—Hanszen’s Upper Commons has couches and tables, as well as 3 classrooms, which are great for studying in groups
  5. Lower Commons—Hanszen’s dining room is always full of people doing problem sets or cramming for exams, and is Hanszen’s most social study environment

Hanszen's Upper Commons library, for your studying needs!