Hanszen Financial Accessibility Registration

Goal: One of Hanszen’s values is inclusivity, which includes financial inclusivity. The goal of the Financial Accessibility program is to provide funds to Hanszen students who want to participate in college events, but who cannot due to their personal financial situation. Money can be requested for (but is not limited to): athletic equipment to participate in college sports, college merchandise, and Hanszen off-campus events.

The signup process: Fill out this form to request a meeting with the magisters. The meeting is meant to touch base with the Magisters and explain why you would like to participate in the program--nothing too scary or formal.

What’s next: Once you have met with the Magisters, you will be on the list of approved students to request money from the Hanszen Financial Accessibility Funds Request Form (on the Hanszen website).

Through this program, we hope to reduce any barriers to participation in Hanszen events. Please use the program responsibly and have a Hanszen family heart. HFH!