Hanszen Past Initiative Committees

If you are looking for inspiration for an Initiative Committee, look to the past! Below is a list of Hanszen's now-immortalized past Initiative Committees. If you want to bring one of them back, applications are in the spring!

Committee Name Description
Crafts Committee This committee will provide fun crafts that will help relieve stress as well as occasionally provide small decorations for Hanszen. In addition to this, this committee will have events making practical crafts, such as storage containers.
Theater Committee This committee takes charge in producing yearly theatre shows and musicals-- a long-standing tradition at Hanszen. This committee had put on musicals, large-scale productions, revues, and even talent shows for the entertainment of Hanszen and the wider Rice comunity
Hanszen Beyond the Hedges (HBTH) This committee organizes fun outings for Hanszenites to go out and explore the city of Houston. HBTH organizes and sometimes subsidizes trips to zoos, museums, shows and operas so that Hanszenites can take advantage of the wonderful city in which they live.