Hanszen College Coordinator

Joyce Bald

My name is Joyce and I am the college coordinator. I have been running the college office for 13 years, but have been at Rice for 20 years. Officially, I assist the Magisters with the administration of Hanszen. Unofficially, I am the daytime RA, mail guru, answerer of questions, and holder of all keys to Hanszen. I am usually in the office Monday-Thursday from 9am – 5pm, and Friday 7am - 3 pm, but hours can vary depending on the happenings at Hanszen.

While you are in the Hanszen office you can:

  • pick up your packages from home
  • borrow a room key (if you are locked out)
  • send or receive a fax
  • make copies
  • buy a stamp
  • get a band-aid or an aspirin (or other RHA supplies)
  • have some tea or hot chocolate
  • raid the candy jar (everyone’s favorite)
  • sleep on the comfy couch (this happens more often than you might think)
  • or just take a break and hang out

- Joyce Bald, Hanszen College Coordinator