Hanszen Resident Associates

Alan and Rebecca Russell

Hey Hanszen! We are thrilled to be a part of your Hanszen family. We both work on campus: by day Alan is the director of Disability Support Services and Rebecca is an Archivist and works in the Woodson Research Center in Fondren Library.

Alan is originally from England, primarily London but he went to boarding school and attended university in Sussex. Alan LOVES English football and is a Gooner (a life-long Arsenal supporter). He also enjoys traveling, history (he has an MA in American History), British TV, and movies. He has successfully turned Rebecca into an Arsenal fan, Doctor Who fan, and even an occasional cricket fan. He has skills.

Rebecca grew up in Texas and attended Southwestern University in Georgetown. After marrying Alan she lived in England for 3 years before Texas pulled them back and settled in Houston. Rebecca loves museums, movies, theatre, and traveling. She geeks out about certain TV shows (Sherlock and Game of Thrones!) She also loves to cook and trying out new recipes for hungry Hanszenites!

Our apartment is on the first floor in Old Section (apt. 105), so please stop by to watch tv or a movie, ask us questions, or just hang out.

- Alan and Rebecca Russell, Hanszen RAs

Danny and Diana Garcia

Welcome to Hanszen College, the BEST College ever! We are Danny & Diana, one set of Hanszen's Resident Associates and part of the H-Team. So a little bit about us... We grew up in the east coast (Danny in Brooklyn and Diana in Philadelphia), but Danny is originally from Ecuador and Diana from Colombia. We’ve been living in Texas for the last 8 years, and as the saying goes "we got here as soon as we could!"

Aside from being RA's, Diana is an HR Specialist in Rice University's HR office. She has a BA in English (Ursinus College) and an MA in Professional Communications (La Salle University). Danny is a Project Manager for Lubrizol, a chemical company. He has both a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering (Drexel University).

We also enjoy working out, such as running (10K's and half marathons) and doing Crossfit. We try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even though sweets are Danny's weakness. We're HUGE sports fans! Danny enjoys playing FIFA and watching soccer with fellow Hanszenites. Our favorite teams are F.C. Barcelona, the Yankees, the Astros, the Giants (football) and the Knicks.

Massimo and Georgia are also part of the family. They are Boston Terriers and are about 7 and 10 years old respectively. They like to play, go out for walks and sleep a lot! Georgia might snuggle next to you while she sleeps, while Massimo will wiggle his little tail and show you how excited he is to meet you!

Our pastimes involve going to the movies, to cultural events/festivals, sporting events, concerts and traveling. We especially love to travel and meet people from all parts of the world! We invite all Hanszenites to come out to the Burbs (New Section) to hang out, have fun and try some interesting treats. Diana is constantly trying her hand in baking and would like to get some feedback, hopefully positive. If you aren't interested in the treats, don't worry, we would still like to get to know you and help you in any way we can.

Please feel free to stop by our place in New Section (apt.192).

- Danny and Diana Garcia, Hanszen RAs