What is an Advisor/Affiliate?

An O-Week Advisor at Rice is a current student who will be there for you throughout your experience during O-Week and beyond. The goal of an Advisor is to integrate you into the Rice community and residential college system as smoothly as possible. The transition to life as a college student is not always easy, but your Advisors are here to help you with whatever you may need. Whether you’re looking for academic advice, a devoted and kind listener, or just have general questions about what resources to take advantage of while at Rice, you’re sure to find what you need with the help of an Advisor. Your O-Week group advising team will consist of two current student Advisors from Hanszen, one Affiliate, and one Co-Advisor. An Affiliate is a Hanszenite who is an Advisor but also has a unique role, and a Co-Advisor is an Advisor who comes from one of the other residential colleges. Co-Advisors play important roles because they help you learn more about the culture of colleges outside of Hanszen, and they also give you a chance to expand your social network. This great group of people will support you throughout your first year and, in many cases, through your entire time at Rice. Advisors come from different backgrounds and have a great deal of experience they’d love to share, so make sure to ask about what they’ve learned during their time as a proud Rice Owl. Advisors are truly great mentors, confidants, and friends who will be huge sources of encouragement and support as you transition to college life at Rice.

The beginning of a great Advisor-Advisee friendship!

Hanszen's advisors are SO GOOFY!