Hanszen Divisional Advisors

Divisional advisors consist of several Hanszen associates and Rice faculty who graciously volunteer their time to help you choose your classes and answer any questions you might have about certain majors. Most of these advisors specialize in a certain school (School of Engineering, School of Humanities, etc.). During O-Week, you'll have a chance to meet them to go over your planned schedule for the fall, and even during the school year, they will be available (usually by appointment) to help you with class or major decisions. (Note that after you declare a major, you'll be assigned a major advisor, which is an advisor from your department). Make good friends with these wonderful professors! They love to help you find your interests and succeed here at Rice, and are a great resource to have available.

Hanszen's Divisional Advisors

Division Name Deprtment Email
Engineering John Greiner Computer Science greiner@
Natural Sciences Edison Liang Astrophysics liang@
Humanities Klaus Weissenberger Classical and European Studies kausw@
Social Sciences Songying Fang Political Science sfang@