Hanszen Rice Health Advisors

Rice Health Advisors (RHAs)

Rice Health Advisors, or RHAs, are students who have been trained on a variety of wellbeing topics. These students work at their college to provide health education opportunities, health supplies and peer guidance. RHAs also act as a liaison between the Student Wellbeing Office and the residential colleges, staying up to date on campus-wide wellbeing programming. It’s important to note that while the RHAs do provide health supplies like bandaids and other first aid supplies, they are mainly here for your mental health and wellbeing. Feel free to contact them or go and talk to them if you need some guidance, need health supplies, or just want to chat! Or meet them at one of the events or study breaks they host throughout the year!
Note: RHAs will direct students to the Wellness Center, Health Services or the Rice Counseling Center as appropriate.

For more details on RHAs, check out the campus-wide RHA webpage on the Rice Wellbeing Center website!

What can the RHAs do for me?

RHAs are trained on mental health and wellness topics such as being an ALLY, stress relief, suicide prevention, and body acceptance among other topics. They are here if you need to discuss a personal problem or issue in a confidential setting, or if you just want to learn more about the organization.

What health supplies do the RHAs provide?

Alcohol wipes, Aminofen (Tylenol), antibiotic ointment, antiseptic, Astroglide, Band-Aids, cloth tape, condoms, cough drops, earplugs, elastic bandages, Ibuprofen, hydrocortisone cream, ice packs, sterile gauze pads, tampons, and maybe other supplies. Feel free to ask!
RHAs keep a supply kit in their rooms, and there is also an RHA locker in the commons.

How can I contact the Hanszen RHAs?

If you can’t find them roaming around Hanszen, feel free to email them! There will also be a poster in the commons with their emails and room numbers, and the doors to their rooms will have a sign with their name and contact info too.

Name Year Email
Amber Song Senior ys31@
Monica Julian Senior mj27@
Nailah Mulla Senior nm27@
Ethan Lau Junior ewl2@
Navya Kumar Junior nrk2@
Priya Kane Junior pvk2@
Catie Choi Sophomore cc80@
Frank Frankovsky Sophomore fjf2@