Hanszen STRIVE Liaisons

STRIVE Liaisons

The goals of the STRIVE Liaisons are to raise awareness within the college about the issue of sexual assault and to prepare Hanszenites with the tools they need to become allies and prevent sexual assault in the future. They work with the Title IX office on campus to understand the intricacies of the issue as it pertains to college campuses and Rice in particular. They also serve as confidential resources to listen to Hanszenites and, if requested, connect them to other resources at Rice and/or off campus in Houston that will support them and help them report incidences of sexual assault if they so choose.

For more details on STRIVE, email either of the two strive liaisons, check out the Rice Wellbeing website, or the STRIVE Facebook page!

Hanszen's STRIVE Liaisons:

Name Year Email
Abigail Panitz Senior aep4@
Karen Qi Junior kq5@