Financial Accessibility

This form is managed by the Magisters. The form and the information within are confidential.

Financial Accessibility Fund

Let us know your needs so we can help - this form is confidential.

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This form is managed by the Chief Justice.

Private Event Registration

Register your private events with CJ.

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Cabinet Requests

These forms are managed by cabinet members.

Money Requests

Submit a money request from Hanszen Budget.

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P-Card Usage

Complete this when a purchase using a P-Card is made.

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Space Requests

Reserve a Hanszen common space using this form.

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Cabinet Announcements

Make an announcement during one of the Cabinets.

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These forms are managed by the respective members of Hanszen College.

Website Feedback & Change Request

Share your feedback on Hanszen website and request changes.

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Cabinet Feedback

Submit a feedback on Hanszen Cabinet.

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Spaces Feedback

Share your feedback about Hanszen shared spaces.

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Other Forms

These forms are managed by the respective members of Hanszen College and Rice Administration.

Work Order

Issue a work order through Rice H&D.

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Equipment Rental

Rent a Hanszen shared equipment through this form.

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Greenware Checkout

Checkout Hanszen shared greenware for your events.

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Secretary Tip Line

Share your tips for Hanszen's weekly backpage.

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