Hanszen is one of Rice University's first residential colleges and is objectively its greatest. If you're a Hanszenite past, present, or future, welcome to the online home of our Hanszen family! But regardless, feel free to take a look around our website and see what we are up to!

Dani Knobloch
President of Hanszen College

Message from the President

Welcome to the online home of Hanszen College! Here you will find tons of helpful resources regarding our college government, history, and events. Notice: By visiting this webpage you have acknowledged that Hanszen is unequivocally the best college. Checkmate.

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This is an entire week dedicated to getting to know your peers, holistic and intensive academic planning sessions, opportunities to explore Houston and its surroundings, and much more. O-Week is one of Rice's most beloved traditions, and each year, every college chooses a theme in order to unify the incoming class and advising teams into one greater entity.