The Associates Program, a staple of Rice culture, provides Hanszenites a community of faculty, staff, alumni, and community members to support them in their intellectual, cultural and social lives through mentorship, guidance and support. Our associates welcome students during O-Week, engage in events with students throughout the year, and make themselves available for students to reach out to.
If you are a Hanszenite interested in connecting with an Associate, you are welcome to contact them directly using the information below. You may also contact the Associate committee heads to help connect you with more associates that are not listed here.
If you are interested in becoming an Associate at Hanszen, email Joyce (, our College Coordinator.

Fatima Baig

Lecturer in German

Hello, my name is Fatima Baig and I'm an Associate at Hanszen College. At Rice where I've been since 2016, I work as a Lecturer in German for the Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication (CLIC). My students mostly know me as "Frau Baig", which means "Ms. Baig" in German. I love working with and teaching Rice students. I've been teaching since 2001 and still today, learning together with young people is one of my greatest passions. I'd love to see some of you in my future classes!

Laura Bere

Rice Young Life College Director

469-543-8505 &

Laura Bere graduated from the University of Houston with a dual degree in Political Science and Strategic Communication. Bere is a dual citizen of Cameroon and the United States. Bere enjoys going to and serving at camps and the beauty of creating though photoshoots. Bere in her free time listens to podcasts and plays sand volleyball with friends.

Ed Biegert (pictured) & Cathleen Trechter

Gentleman Scientist & (713)-380-9058

Professional Interests: Inventing things, Satellites, planes, drones, boats, AUVs; I'm a physicist. I have a working knowledge of the entire universe and everything it contains.

Christopher (pictured) & Paige Branca

Kinder Institute, Data Engineering

My name is Chris and I'm a Houston native. I graduated from SMU with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Math. I've floated around in my career from geophysics to software and ~6 months ago ended up at Rice working for the Kinder Institute in a data role. With my now wife I would say that the things most important to us are cooking and travel. If you have an interest in either of those things I feel like we can offer a lot of information. We're very close to campus and feel like we can offer support to anyone who seeks it.

Mariel Cano & Benjamin Batista

Assistant Director of Student Experience, Rice Business


With a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a master’s degree in Sociology, Mariel has experience in Student Affairs and Student Engagement through mentorship, intervention, research and educational programs. Mariel’s research relies on inclusion, diversity and equity to be key factors to the pillars of current and modern leadership standards.

Nathan (pictured) & Sharon Citino

Barbara Kirkland Chiles Professor of History

Soon after I joined the History faculty at Rice in 2015, a student in one of my classes invited me to apply to become an associate at Hanszen. We've enjoyed hosting students during O-Week, having lunch with students, participating in the pancake cook-off, and other activities. I teach the history of US foreign policy, US history, and modern Middle Eastern history. I also enjoy cooking, traveling, and rooting for my favorite sports teams including (in addition to the Rice Owls) the Astros, the Ohio State Buckeyes, and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Hanszenites are always welcome in my classes!
Andy & Jennifer Dennis


Jen and I have been Hanszen Associates for 12 years! We love having students over for good food and games, and we are thankful to be able to share anything we can with connections and friends who might be helpful for you with our wide variety of friends!

Bryan (pictured) & Chelsey Denny

Associate Professor of Psychology, Rice University

Hi, I'm an Associate Professor in the Dept of Psychological Sciences. Feel free to contact me about psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, emotion regulation (what I study), fMRI, good sushi in Houston, and/or grunge music.

Jasmine Gipson

Customer Solutions Manager - Tech

I love staying connected with the Rice community. Being an associate at my home college is a fun way to stay involved and learn from new generations of Hanszenites.

Abbey & Scott Godley

Assistant Dean for Student Programs & Director of Postsecondary Programming at HISD & (713)-348-2367

Hi, we're Abbey and Scott Godley! Abbey is the Assistant Dean for Student Programs in the School of Social Sciences and Scott is the Director of Postsecondary Programming at HISD. we have four kids: Grace (7), Lucy (5), Liam (3), and Owen (1). We're happy to help any fellow Hanszenite with good laughs, life advice, or a helping hand, if needed.

Maria Cristina Manrique de Henning & Pablo Henning

Executive Director @ Cultural/Humanitarian/Non-Profit & Business Development Associate/Petrochemicals

Family oriented, party-people, hallaca-maker (ask me), short story writer (Spanish for now), art collector, non-profit founder, activist, etc. Storing energy for sharing in my system. I am a Venezuelan-Houstonian mother of four (boy, girl, boy, boy) and systems engineer. My husband and I decided to change our family's lives and the six of us moved from Caracas to Houston in 2001. As art collectors (a.k.a. our other children) we were fortunate to arrive in Houston, and be introduced to the MFAH at the time when its Latin American Art Department was launched. We immediately joined in the fun which turned out to be an amazing path. As immigrants we've had an aventurous journey, learning, enjoying and participating with different communities. We've made new friendships in the process. We've been fortunate to stay in touch with dear friends and family back in Venezuela (thanks to technological advances, social media and smartphones). As a parent I have been introduced to another world "literally" because my children grew up in a different country. I turned into the student I never was thanks to my children who I credit as the four greatest and very influential teachers of my life. In that spirit I hope to be of service to the Hanszen community.

Stefan & Amy Huber

Assistant Professor of Accounting & Finance faculty at Wharton

Hello Hanszen, we are Stefan and Amy. Stefan is a faculty at the Jones Business School teaching BUSI 305 and Amy is a Finance faculty at Wharton. We have a 2.5-year old son, Leopold. He loves being in the Commons because he adores the huge skeletons. Both Amy and I are big on sports. Amy has completed a half-ironman, and Stefan loves to run, ski, swim, and watch any Olympic sport.

Mohammad Khan

Assistant Director, Global Programs & Experiential Learning / Higher Education & (832)-661-9115

My name is Mohammad Khan and I presently serve as an Assistant Director for Global Programs and Experiential Learning at Rice Business. While I primarily work with MBA students in my role, undergraduate success and community engagement are my bread and butter. I served in several roles at Texas State and University of Houston-Clear Lake focused on leadership development, service activities, and civic participation. In my spare time, you can find me recharging my introvert batteries with a baked potato in hand, and a good TV show. I am excited to contribute to this community and learn from you!

Lucas (pictured) & Caroline Kuipers

Senior Vice President/Private Equity

Lucas is a Senior Vice President at Platform Partners LLC, a Houston-based private investment firm, where he has been since 2014. At Platform, Lucas is responsible for identifying and evaluating investment opportunities, deal execution and portfolio company monitoring. Lucas serves on the Board of Directors of Expedition Water Solutions, South Coast Terminals and Vortex Companies and is involved with Beacon Funeral Partners, Dynamic Glass, Encino Energy and Twin Eagle. In addition, Lucas was involved in Platform's investments in Alliance Human Capital Management, ALM First, Beneplace and Evergreen North America Industrial Services. Prior to joining Platform, Lucas worked in the investment banking group at Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. (TPH). While at TPH, Lucas focused primarily on merger and acquisition advisory and financing within the energy industry. Lucas received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Rice University, where he was the captain of the basketball team. Outside of work, Lucas is an active member of a number of local organizations and enjoys spending time with his wife and four young children.

Sarah (Monarchi) Longpre

Retired - Strategy Consulting work

Daniel Marin & Brian Chanda

Project Manager - Kinder Institute at Rice

Hey Hanszen! Brian and I are so excited to be associates. I (Daniel) have worked for about 8 years in 6-12 math education in Houston, and I have recently transitioned just across the street to work at the Kinder Institute as a project manager. Brian is a licensed architect and works in the Houston area, designing projects in the education sector but will soon work in aviation. We're both giant board game fans with a healthy collection that we love to sharing. Having been with Hanszen theatre all 4 years, we're fans of all kinds of art like visiting museums, going to the movies, or watching a musical. As a bonus, if you need to visit a cat, our cat Patches is the friendliest cat we've ever met and he'd love for us to bring over new friends for him.

Angela Masciale (pictured) & Shea Hamrick

Senior Analyst, People Strategy & Programs at Neiman Marcus Group / Retail


Hello! My name is Angela Masciale and I graduated from Rice University in 2016 with a BA in Political Science. I like to say I've been a Hanszenite since I was 13 years old when my sister matriculated in Fall 2007. During my time at Rice, I served in various positions in student government at Hanszen (New Student Rep, Social, External VP, and President) and as part of the Student Admissions Council (Prospee Host, Tour Guide, and Senior Interviewer). After graduating in May 2016, I joined Deloitte Consulting and did Human Capital work for about four years. In August 2020, I became a student all over again to get my MBA at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business. I graduated in May 2022 and now work as a People Strategist at Neiman Marcus Group. I'm so happy to be back in Houston and would love to be of help in any and all regards: advice, connections, sponsorship, etc. Both my older sisters were Hanszenites and contributed in different ways to Hanszen and the university at large. My oldest sister, Marina Masciale, was Rice-Baylor and is a practicing Pediatric Hospitalist at Texas Childrens. My other older sister, Theresa Masciale, was an editor at The Thresher and now is a manager at OpenStax (non-proft owned by Rice). So even if you have nothing to do with Poli Sci, or consulting - I'm happy to make the connection to those I know who have majored or been involved in other aspects at Rice!

Thomas (Tom) McCabe & Chase Jackson

Associate Director for the Center for Teaching Excellence and Assistant Teaching Professor & New Store Opening Manager for Miller Knoll

We are Tom McCabe and Chase Jackson and we are so excited to be Associates for Hanszen College! Tom is an Associate Director for the Center for Teaching Excellence on Campus and an Assistant Teaching Professor mainly for the Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning. He has a wandering academic career with Bachelor's degrees in Cell Biology and Japanese, a Master's in Comparative and World Literature, and PhD in Biological Education. His dissertation work focused on rattlesnake venoms and he went on to found a startup company developing veterinary therapeutics using natural toxins. In his spare time he is learning to sew and crochet, is an avid baker and cook, and enjoys anime, fantasy and sci-fi novels, and is trying to catch up on a long list of movies and shows "to watch". Chase is a Houston native and works for Miller Knoll, a luxury furniture brand that sells world wide. He started with a branch of this company, Design Within Reach, and has worked his way up to his current position where he project manages the opening of new stores in the Miller Knoll family. In his free time he enjoys video games, live music, movies (especially horror), and developing his skills in urban photography. As well, he is working towards a career change, practicing his drawing and design skills in preparation towards becoming a tattoo artist.

Dianna Milewicz, MD PhD

President George H.W. Bush Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine; Director, MD PhD Program MD Anderson Cancer Center/ UTHelath


I am a physician scientist at UTHealth McGovern Medical School. I trained in cardiology and genetics and direct a research program to identify and characterize genetically triggered vascular diseases. I also direct the MD PhD training program that is a joint program between MD Anderson Cancer Center and McGovern Medical School.

Michael Morgan

Rice University Parking Manager

Hi Hanszen, I became an University Associate in 1997 and I am so glad I did! I have met so many amazing students, faculty, staff and community associates via the group. My favorite aspects of being an associate are the intelligent and positive conversations with the students and the O-Week dinners which I usually co-host.

Brian & Sharon Ogren

Professor in the Department of Religion & Positive Psychology Coach and Practitioner

Hi Hanszenites! We are the Ogren family - Brian, Sharon, Danielle and Pico. We have been associates at Hanszen since 2013 and we love it! As a family, we love doing workshops at Houston’s wonderful museums, traveling, reading, and watching animated movies. We also love hosting and having meaningful conversation with friends and students. Aside from being a professor in the Department of Religion, Brian is a Jiu Jitsu and chocolate enthusiast. Sharon is a positive psychology coach and practitioner and she is enthusiastic about strengths, connections, meaning, purpose, and Rice’s rec center. Danielle will be 10 in May and she is into dogs, art, and chocolate. She also practices Jiu Jitsu, and plays piano, chess, and basketball. Pico is a 7 year-old Pit-bull who is enthusiastic about dry toast, people, and other dogs. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Letitia Zumwalt & Paul Horst


We have enjoyed getting to know the bright young scientists and the bright young humanities majors. We have also enjoyed staying involved with the Shepherd School and with Rice Athletics, and complementing our Freshmen when they excel in these activities.

Alex & Foster Pugh

Lecturer, Social Policy Analysis Program

Hello! My name is Alex Pugh, and I am a lecturer in the Social Policy Analysis (SOPA) Program. I received my PhD here at Rice in May 2023 and am excited to stay part of the Rice Community. I live here in Houston with my husband, Foster, my son, Wesley, and our dog, Lacie. The courses I teach are all methods courses, giving students the skills to be able to use data to learn more about the world and evaluate policies. As a scholar, my interests focus on international judicial politics, the institutional design of international organizations, and the use of a variety of data, specifically text and images, in the field of political science. I am an avid card player, and I enjoy college football (Texas A&M undergrad so Gig'em!). We recently became season ticket holders to Rice football games, so if you see me at a game, please say hi! I look forward to getting to know more of the Hanszen community over lunches and at events!

Erin Rodgers


I am an entertainment attorney, adjunct professor, musician, and proud Houstonian. I'm also involved in the Houston theater community. I'm always happy to have a conversation about law school, legal issues, music, or where to find the best food in Houston. I didn't go to Rice, but I've lived nearby for a long time - and somehow, all of my Rice friends were Hanszenites, so this is where I wanted to be.

Travis San Pedro

Sr. Project Manager, Tech

Hey Hanszen! My name is Travis and I am a Rice alumnus (Hanszen 2012). I lived in Old Section and while at Rice I spent a lot of time in the Weenie Loft where I met some of my closest friends who I still keep in touch with! Today I’m a project manager working in tech and living in Austin. When I'm not working I'm usually designing/making something - I took Architecture for Non-architects my senior year in the architecture school and went to graduate school for material culture and built environments. Ever since graduating I’ve been involved with Rice alumni groups in whichever city I’ve lived in as well as volunteerism for the university. Currently I am on the ARA Board which represents the voices of all Rice alumni. I'm very excited to help continue to engender the environment that was so special for me during my time at Hanszen and Rice. HFH!

Paul (pictured) & Kathy Simpson


Hanszen was my home for my five years at Rice. It was fun, challenging, and formative. Many Hanszenites became my life-long friends. The residential college system is a vital part of Rice's unique nature & success. It's easy to become insular inside the Rice hedges, so I'm happy to share perspective on life outside & after college. Go Hanszen!

Stephanie Taylor & William Zachry

Leader Development & VP, Strategic Brand Partnerships at Professional Sports Partners &

Hey everyone! Stephanie and Bill here. So excited to continue to be part of the Hanszen community. We're happy to connect anytime, about anything! We have 2 little kids, a small dog, and we love spending our weekends exploring Houston, playing outside and generally spending time together. Let us know if you ever want to chat K12 education, leader development, sports, or kids!

Cristy Torres

Assistant Director, Student Run Businesses & 956-802-9406

Hi, call me Cristy. Originally from Mexico, I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Visualization and a minor in Mathematics. After working at a marketing firm and a higher education institution, I realized I enjoyed working with students and helping them achieve their dreams and goals. I started working at Rice University as Assistant Director of Student Run Businesses(SRBs) and Marketing in February 2017. Although I am not longer in charge of the marketing, I still enjoy doing freelance for friends and family in my free time. What I love the most about working as an advisor for our SRBs is to see the growth and development each SRB achieves every year. I am currently working on getting my Master's in Higher Education from the University of Houston. Her passions are graphic design, photography, movies, karaoke, boba, live music, zumba, and gaming (especially anything League of Legends related). Cristy is expressive, motivated, creative, and open-minded.

Eva Francavilla

Assistant Director of the Rice Owl Club & (607)-372-8307

Hi! My name is Eva & I work for Rice Athletics! I moved to Houston in November 2019 & started at Rice University in March 2022. I wanted to become a staff associate to connect myself well into Rice culture! My hobbies include playing soccer, running, cooking, checking out new restaurants & exploring Houston! Reach out to me whenever; I love chatting about life -- especially with a coffee in hand walking around Rice's campus!

Maria de la Piedra & Stephanie Turnstone

Project Manager & Civil Engineering


My wife, Stephanie, and I are avid boardgame players in our free time (we have over 75 board games in our collection!). We also love to go birding and hiking on weekends. I was born in Caracas, Venezeula, and grew up outside of New York City, and Stephanie's family is from Silsbee, TX. We both love cooking and exploring restaurants; Stephanie has been vegan for close to 14 years, so we’re always looking for new restaurants offering tasty vegan dishes. To relax, we like to read books, play video games, and cuddle with our 2 dogs, Maize and Walter.

John (pictured) & Jeannie Greiner

Senior Lecturer

Eileen Huey

Lecturer, Education

I am a native Houstonian and recent Texas A&M grad (Whoop!). As an Aggie, I appreciate traditions and a sense of family, which is why I wanted to become a faculty associate to Hanszen. I am a lecturer in the Department of Sociology, and I focus on criminology, so I love all things true crime! I am a crazy dog lady, and trash reality tv is my (not so) guilty pleasure.

Robert Sabin

Science & Engineering Librarian

Kelsey Hughes

Upper School Math Teacher

H Malcolm Lovett Jr & Mary Nell Jeffers Lovett

Chairman et al; Financial Services; Restructuring Advisor &