Justice League (Hanszen Court)

The Hanszen Justices are seven elected members of Hanszen who are in charge of various duties throughout the year: Room Draw, Parking Draw, elections, noise complaints, and College Court. It's our priority to make our home a safe and fun environment for all Hanszenites. The group is composed of a Chief Justice (CJ) and six Associate Justices (AJs). Come talk to us if you have any questions or concerns!


The Justices work to make Hanszen a place where everyone is comfortable. It's important for the CJ to know what's going on around Hanszen so that he can respond to matters appropriately. Noise complaints can be made to the CJ or AJs, if you are uncomfortable asking your neighbors to quiet down. The CJ also works with Student Judicial Programs to shape the Rice Alcohol Policy and how the administration handles parties. Keep an eye out on your Rice email for news - the CJ is a listserv regular.

Draws and Elections

When it's time to decide housing and parking for the following academic year, the Justices are in charge of running the Draws. You can find out more about Room Draw here. Draws can be a stressful time of year, so look out for emails from the CJ on how to navigate the process.

College Court

Occasionally, people will break rules or destroy property. Instead of elevating these issues to the Rice administration or even the H-Team, we have a system for dealing with problems ourselves. We're strong supporters of self-governance, and this is a softer way to learn from mistakes. If a College Court case is opened, the accused can choose either a closed or open hearing. The Hanszen College Judicial Code will govern the proceedings. The College Court can dole our fines and community service hours, depending on the infraction.

Hanszenites dressed up for Greek Life Cabinet.


Position Name Email
Chief Justice (CJ) Jarrett Prchal jtp4@rice.edu
Senior Class Justice James Lewis jwl6@rice.edu
Junior Class Justice Brandon Stanley bss13@rice.edu
Sophomore Class Justice Janya Ram jmr23@rice.edu
New Student Justice TBD @
Old Section Justice Sanjana Krishnan skk5@rice.edu
New Section Justice Ananda Nandigam aln7@rice.edu