Welcome to CrescendO-Week


We’d like to say congratulations and welcome to Rice, and especially welcome to Hanszen - the best residential college! We are your O-Week coordinators: Jae, Lisa, and Isabelle. Together we’re Team JuilLIard, and we are beyond excited to plan out an amazing week to kick off your life at Rice!

We put together this book to help guide you through that first week and beyond. In it, you’ll find introductions to the CrescendO-Week team, information about what to pack, what to expect when you arrive at Hanszen, and a bunch of fun facts, from people’s favorite study spots on campus to tons of fun traditions. There’s also information about the abundance of resources you’ll find at Rice. Our goal for O-Week is to help you successfully transition to college life both academically and socially, and this book contains advice for any issue you may face as you adjust. Don’t worry about that adjustment period -- we have O-Week so that you can start college equipped with resources to support you through that time!

As we mentioned, we are especially excited to welcome you to Hanszen. One of our mottos is HFH, or “Hanszen Family Heart.” Our goal for CrescendO-Week is to introduce you to Hanszen and the culture that we feel truly makes it a family. We chose the theme of CrescendO-Week since we know that each new student brings with them an important and unique perspective -- our goal is to give you the resources to help you use your time at Rice to empower yourself and share this perspective, however you want that to happen. In addition, just as a song has many parts, so too does our community. No one piece is more important than another, and they all come together in order to create something beautiful. The same is true of our Hanszen family - however and wherever on campus you want to contribute, we hope this week will give you the confidence and resources to begin writing your own tune.

We’re so excited to meet you all in August - if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at hanszenoweek2020@gmail.com. You can also find tons of resources beyond this book on the Hanszen website (hanszen.rice.edu), especially on the O-Week tab.

Much, much love,
Team JuilLIard
Jae, Lisa, and Isabelle

Hanszen O-Week coordinators!