Welcome to NachO-Week!

Hello Future Hanszenite!!!

As the Hanszen O-Week Coordinators, we are beyond thrilled to be among the first to welcome you to Rice. Congrats on surviving high school! We want to commend you on both your past accomplishments and future achievements you will undoubtedly reach during your time here. Our names our Q, Emily, and Sanjana, otherwise known as Team QuESo. We are current undergraduates (Em and Sanj are rising juniors, Q’s a rising senior), and we were chosen to organize an immersive and unforgettable orientation experience for the matriculating class of 2023 (aka, you guys)!

While your orientation may only be a week, at Rice we like to say that “O-Week lasts forever,” because it really does. During these next few years, you are going to build an amazing community of peers and faculty members that will support and guide you throughout your time at Rice, and our job during O-Week is to help foster the beginnings of that community to help you transition both academically and socially to life at our university. You’ll find that Rice has an abundance of resources to guide you, and, with that, an abundance of information, which can be a bit overwhelming. To help you navigate some of these resources, we have made this book to help you better understand what life is like as a Rice undergrad. Think of this as a little study guide on Rice University, complete with fun facts and pretty pictures! We’ve tried to highlight all the essentials you’ll need to start off the year with a bang, so whether you read this book cover to cover, or, again, just flip to the pretty pictures, we hope it gets you hyped for the Rice experience. Feel free to reference this handy guide beyond O-Week, as we’ve also provided lists of our favorite classes, Rice study spots, and places to explore in Houston! We should also mention, while every New Student receives a campus-wide Rice book, only new Hanszenites receive this exclusive, special Zen edition copy. Wow!

Now, on behalf of all of Hanszen, we want to formally welcome you to the family, and an amazing one at that. Here at Zen, we take a lot of pride in our “Hanszen Family Heart,” and we are so excited to welcome you into a community that thrives on its members’ spirit, inclusivity, and mutual support. With these values in mind, we have made Hanszen Orientation Week’s theme, NachO-Week: Unlimited Toppings, Unlimited Possibilities! In our eyes, as weird as it may sound, we see each of you starting college off with a fresh plate of nachos. Throughout your time at Rice, you will have numerous opportunities to accent it with various toppings a.k.a. experiences that will serve to help you create your own culinary college journey. Likewise, we are so excited to see the unique traits and passions you bring to Hanszen College and the ways in which you will shape our college’s culture in the coming years and beyond. Now, before you get too excited, we highly recommend you take advantages of the many resources available to help familiarize yourself with your future family college. A great way to do that is by visiting the Hanszen College website (hanszen.rice.edu) and looking through different tabs, the “O-Week” one in particular, which provide various info on our history, traditions, and important members like our H-Team who you’ll meet during orientation. If you want to reach out or have questions about anything at all, please feel free to contact us at hanszenoweek2019@gmail.com (seriously, we’re here all summer, please hit us up).

Welcome to Hanszen College y’all; get ready for the best years of your life!!!

With love,
Team QuESo
Q, Emily, and Sanjana

Hanszen NachO-Week coordinators!