Welcome to TotorO-Week!


You’ll be hearing that phrase a lot over your next four years here at Hanszen College, your new home! We are your 2023 O-Week Coordinators: Vy Luu, Anushka Agrawal, and Lily Remington, often referred to as Team moVing cAstLe. Our warmest welcome and the most full-hearted congratulations on your acceptance to Rice University and placement into Hanszen College! We have been excitedly planning your first exhilarating week at Rice for the past seven months, and we can’t wait to meet you all on campus.

Our goal is to help guide you through your transition to Rice, and aid you in building connections both within Hanszen and beyond the hedges. During your Orientation Week, or O-Week for short, we will be introducing you to a preview into your next four years while immersing you in the best Residential College at Rice. This week will be all about making new lifelong friends, preparing yourself with a balanced focus on academics and social life at Rice, officially becoming a Hanszenite, and so much more! We have put together this book as a guide for you to feel prepared coming into O-Week. Here you’ll find packing lists, dorm layouts, a sneak peak of your Advisors’ personalities, Hanszen trivia, and all the nifty little details about your favorite Residential College!

We are beyond excited to welcome you into the enchanting world of Hanszen. The Hanszen Family Heart (HFH) sprouts wider every year as more kind and ambitious spirits venture into the whimsical walls of Hanszen. This year’s O-Week theme is Studio Ghibli Presents: TotorO-Week! We chose this theme as the various themes and characters that make up the Studio Ghibli Universe embody the values of inclusivity, diversity, friendship, and embarking on challenges to make the world a better place— all of which we hope you will experience during your time at Rice. We can’t wait for you to join our community and make your mark on all of us. We hope to give you the support and resources you need this O-Week to thrive at Rice and Hanszen, making your mark however, whenever, and wherever you’d like.

Your journey through college will be a bit like a breathtaking flight on a broomstick, where every moment is an opportunity to spread your wings and soar. So take a deep breath, summon your inner Jiji, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure at Hanszen College, a place where dreams take flight and where the magic of Studio Ghibli — and our marvelous O-Week team — will be your guiding light. We can’t wait to welcome you home in August, but in the meantime flip through this book, checkout our website (hanszen.rice.edu), shoot us a follow on Instagram (@totoroweek), and email us if you have any questions at all (totoroweek@gmail.com)! Till we converge, stay strong guys, gals, and non-binary pals.

With a big Hanszen Heart

Team moVing cAstLe

Vy Luu, Anushka Agrawal, Lily Remington

Hanszen O-Week coordinators!